Emergency Medicine…We all know that ERs get busy. Let’s talk about the process in an ER — what people should know and expect; and how can they judge when something is a true emergency.

Cardiology…Let’s talk about our heart — the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and what steps can we take to reduce our risk of a heart attack or heart disease. And, what’s the significance of going to an ER that is an accredited Chest Pain Center.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation … Let’s get physical and talk about the various types of therapy available. When could therapy be the best course of action for you and what should you do if you think therapy is for you?

Mental Health… Navigating the unknown…how we can identify it? and how should we approach it? What resources are out there? 


Kimberly Golden-Benner
Director of Business Development, Marketing & Communications
Southern Regional Medical Center


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