Kimberly Golden-Benner
Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications

Kimberly Golden-Benner has spent more than 35 years as a dedicated marketing communications professional. Her diverse career has led her to develop creative for such companies and organizations as Allentown School District; Binney & Smith: Crayola; Campbell–Heinz Companies; Catholic Health East; Historic Bethlehem Partnership Museums; Mack Trucks; Medstar Productions: “Health Matters” series; Mercy Health Systems; and The Pennsylvania State University, among others.

Throughout her tenure, Kim has developed and implemented numerous marketing campaigns and strategies, and effectively responded to crises covering a multitude of critical events. Many of the graphic designs and logos she has created over the years are still leading branding campaigns in their industries.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Communications degree from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, Kim began her career leading an advertising agency, then moved on to work as an associate producer for health and medical documentaries. She spent several years in sales and marketing for Organic Gardening and an assortment of other magazines. Kim spent nearly 15 years leading marketing communication efforts education with both The Pennsylvania State University and the Allentown School District; and nearly 10 years leading marketing communications in healthcare facilities. She is currently the Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications at Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Georgia. Throughout her career, she has maintained her own small communications marketing agency providing guidance for non-profit organizations that work to bridge the gap for community needs.

Kim spends her spare time with her family and enjoys hiking, cooking, and writing.